Ecole Mosaic is an inclusive school aiming to offer each child the school environment best suited to their individual needs. For children with special needs, inclusion is very beneficial.

In an inclusive classroom, children with special needs have the opportunity to observe their peers, who serve as role models for the skills which teachers want them to acquire.

There are also many benefits to being a contributing member of the class, including higher self-esteem, the development of friendships, acceptance of our mutual differences, empathy and diversity.

Our teachers are able to meet the individual expectations of different students. They are regularly trained on learning difficulties and special needs.

“At Ecole Mosaic, we work with our students on respect, tolerance and empathy. Learning to live with oneself and with others is a strength that our students develop on a daily basis. Each individual is different and must learn to accept differences in others in order to flourish and develop.”

Ecole Mosaic does not undertake to meet all special educational needs. We can provide for moderate needs under the supervision of our Special Needs students coordinator. Their role is to ensure the wellbeing and the success of students in the school.

Learning Support

If a Mosaic pupil experiences any learning difficulties, the Pedagogical Team will discuss these with the parents and organise a class visit to assess the child’s needs.

With the teachers, the Pedagogical Team will see if one or more solutions can be put in place to help, such as additional support or mediation.

Some students do require additional support in class. We collaborate with support staff to implement a personalised education plan that allows for regular evaluation of the child’s progress. We also collaborate closely with external support – it is the combined efforts of a team that enables children to progress.