A healthy diet, balanced eating, understanding the importance of allergies, our own and those of others, all these notions must be taught to children once they start their school life. This is why in our nursery class and 1P grade, Ecole Mosaic asks parents not to give their children snacks, because we will handle it! Seasonal fruits and vegetables are prepared every day, rice snacks, eventually chocolate, cheese, dry fruits, and always water. Snack time is part of learning time.

From 2P, we no longer supply snacks on the principle that the children will have had breakfast at home. However, if a child does come with a snack, we advise parents to make it light so that they keep their appetite for lunch.

Lunches are prepared by the Adalia and approved by Fourchette Verte. They use quality and local (GRTA) products, developed with a dietician and cooked with both imagination and care to ensure that our pupils enjoy varied, healthy and balanced meals.

At 4pm, we offer a snack for the students who stay after-school.