``After Ecole Mosaic, I went to a French high school from 6th grade to 11th grade and then continued in the Quebec system and did Cégep. Now I'm at the Concordia School of Business (John Molson School of Business), a university in Montreal, and I'm studying international business. Mosaic taught me to study independently and effectively and also allowed me to improve my English to become fully bilingual. I really liked the content of the different courses that you taught us, such as capoeira, a class on energy, reading sessions at the library, etc.``
Former pupil
``I spent all my primary years at Ecole Mosaic and am currently studying at the ``Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne``, having benefited from the open-minded teaching at the school, which has clearly had a long-term impact on where and who I am now. This approach has not only given me the ability to be perfectly bilingual, but also to express my emotions, adapt to multicultural environments and be empathetic towards an understanding of differences, whilst providing me with a strong backbone for academic pursuits. Long-lasting memories, teachers and others I will never forget…”
Former pupil