Our innovative curriculum is focused on language development and understanding

Ecole Mosaic offers more than just mastery of languages. We provide an understanding of the function of languages, their role, their history, their evolution and the relationships between them. This is why Ecole Mosaic provides a bilingual education, with an openness to German and to other non-Latin languages.

We offer a truly holistic education

The education that Ecole Mosaic offers goes beyond a purely academic programme, not only to make students aware of artistic or sports subjects, but to encourage the development of other human and intellectual skills. This is why Ecole Mosaic integrates theatre into the curriculum from the age of three, as well as pursuits such as sailing and hip hop.

International learning opportunities

International Schools Partnership, our pupils benefit from being part of an international community that provides many educational and cultural opportunities for learning. These programmes enable our students to experience and learn about different cultures and traditions, build friendships with ISP students from other countries and develop transferable skills such as critical thinking, teamwork and leadership.

Extra-curricular activities

School life doesn't stop after class! We offer many after-school activities that provide children with opportunities to discover different things including sports, art, music, cooking and yoga. Each activity is led by a qualified teacher in the relevant discipline. We regularly organise special afternoons such as an outing to the theatre or a special Lego workshop. We also offer Mosaic Camps during holiday periods.

Excellent results

Our highly qualified and experienced teachers help our pupils achieve excellent results, challenging them and guiding them through the bilingual programme so that they are well prepared for the transition to secondary school.

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